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We design and customise our solutions when we work closely with our customers to figure out what works best for them. For us, it is about solving real problems and driving result, not just digitalising workplace processes. Don’t believe what we say. Read what our customers say about partnering with us.

Problems Before:

  • Information cannot be retrieved instantly as they are all stored in different internal servers handled by role domained personnels.
  • Not all photos are captured during repair work.
  • No day-to-day data insights as to how the business progress.
  • Usage of walkie-talkie, communication flow is easy but information is lost
  • Photos were usually updated to whatsapp resulting in non-uniform storage or lost information
  • Difficulty in retrieving records from various sources to unified as one.


  • Information uploaded to the Cloud are accessible to everyone through the app.
  • Repair status of each vehicle is made known in all communication platform
  • Photos are categorized and stored in the Cloud, free up the spaces in everyone’s phone onto a unified source.
  • Analytics can be generated by pulling the raw data uploaded to the Cloud.
  • Management can observe the trend for each day, month or year.
  • Productivity increases as staff will focus on Customer Service instead of mandane task which requires attention.

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